Is there anything more pleasurable on a summer’s day than a perfectly chilled glass of rosé? I think the pink shimmer in your glass will brighten any day, all year round (and it is very food friendly). But yes, it is the perfect pairing to your summer and the ideal ‘plus 1’ to any of those ‘last hurrah’ summer events. 

Rosé literally means pink and it has taken Instagram by storm in the form of Whispering Angel and many other celebrity made rosé wines. At Cavavin, we say, “No Need to Whisper … Minuty is Pure Pleasure!” Our top selling wine so far this season has been Minuty M and it quite literally is Pure Pleasure in your glass. It has the perfect pink shimmer and is made from a combination of grapes that are a true expression of Provence. Provence is, to be fair, the hallmark of bone-dry rosé and the largest rosé-producing region with a unique style and shade. Bordeaux and Spain are next in line and very worthy of a mention for drier styles of rosé. If a sweet pink drink is your style, then you need to look to the New World countries where the fruit is riper and styles are ‘sweeter’ in general.

I want you to choose the perfect rosé. So here are some questions you might have when shopping for a rosé at Cavavin: 

There are so many to choose from. Which one is right for me?

Our range does vary in price and colour (slightly) but they are all French. The majority are from the region of Provence and its neighbouring regions e.g. Coteaux de Provence, Aix-en-Provence, Var, so the styles and shades are similar. We have descriptions and a style guide written on all of our wines in-store and on-line to guide you. My advice is, look for a grape or grapes that you like and just try it! All of our rosé are refreshing and fruity so I’m confident you’ll make the right choice. 

Do they all taste the same?

The simple answer is no. But, they will taste similar as they come from similar regions with similar grapes. The beauty of French wine, however, is that thanks to different soils, grape growing and wine-making no neighbouring wine with the same blend tastes the same. So, if you keep trying different ones you will find one you like! I’ve listed the main red grapes that feature and what they typically taste like: 

  • Grenache - elegant red berries
  • Syrah - darker berries and gives more complexity
  • Cinsault - freshness and elegance with some more tart fruits


Our rosé selection in-store and on-line also follows two main styles:

  • Crisp & Zesty
  • Full & Flavoursome

The wines of Crisp & Zesty are a delicate pink in colour, dry, refreshing and full of fresh berries. They are vibrant but delicate. Wines to sip in the sun or enjoy with lighter meals.

The Full & Flavoursome wines are more complex, a darker pink in colour and feel richer and more flavoursome. Fruits are a little riper and they may feel a little sweeter but still refreshing. A rosé that favours food more than your Crisp & Zesty styles but remember, all rosé is very food friendly.

Some are more pink or orange than others? Why is that?

Rosé is made from red grapes and the colour comes from the intensity of skin contact prior to fermentation. The less skin contact there is, known as direct pressing, the rosé becomes a delicate shade of pink and the more maceration or skin contact there is, the rosé becomes a darker shade of pink or amber. You can see from our selection that most are delicately coloured with emphasis on light, refreshing flavours and styles. The darker shades can be fuller in flavours, more tannin and sometimes more dry or sweeter. 

What food should I try my rosé with?

This is where you can have fun as rosé is very food-friendly. It loves all light summer foods like shellfish, fruit salads, Mediterranean cuisine, fish, and poultry. But, this is what I really love about rosé because as the season changes and we revert back to eating more wholesome foods and winter stews, or those sneaky Asian takeaways and so on; you don’t need to change your favourite pink rosé of choice as it is the constant that will pair with most seasonal dishes. Even the dreaded dry turkey at Christmas! 

Does the vintage/year matter?

Always choose the newest vintage where you can, especially if you want the freshest, driest, most vibrant rosé. Rosé can age and some rosé are held back at the winery for this reason and only released when they’re more flavoursome and more mature. Some rosé are also non-vintage, meaning the grapes have come from a selection of sites so they may not reflect that vintage per say. I love an older rosé (when it’s supposed to be!) like a Bandol from Southern France but for the vast majority of rosé, I say, drink it as young and as fresh as possible!




#1 Minuty M

“ A must-have this summer. This is Pure Provence, Pure Pleasure concentrated in a Pure Provence bottle (a unique style created in the 60’s by Minuty). This rosé is our best seller and is refreshingly zesty, light & vibrant, and layered with fresh berries, orange peel and exotic fruits. Chill to 8-10 degrees, serve over ice if you wish, sip, and enjoy with friends and some olives, nibbles like crackers and dips or whatever you choose.” 

#2 Chateau Beaubois Expression rosé


“One of my personal favourites. A pure expression of fruit and a labour of love from a brother & sister team from the Boyer Family. They have a beautiful Chateau in Costieres de Nime, Southern Rhone Valley and craft wines from passion, hard work and the utmost respect for their vines. This rosé is really expressive of bright red berries, melon and exotic fruits, refreshing and a little more of a foodie wine than my #1. Enjoy it throughout the meal, it will stand out from start to finish.” 

#3 Domaine la Gayolle - Les Platanes

One of my favourites from my tasting with Cavavin in Bordeaux. Not your typical blend of Provence rosé grapes but that’s why I like it. Domaine la Gayolle is in the heart of what’s called Provence Verte (the green heart of Provence) and it is a winery that is moving forward with these “greener times” for sure. This rosé is a direct press so is a delicate light pink, fresh berries on the palate and a refreshing zingy grapefruit and sherbet to finish. A vibrant rosé to just sip as an aperitif or with any summer BBQ.”

August 17, 2022 — Louise O'Brien