CAVAVIN is the leading French network of local franchise wine merchants with more than 150 franchisees.

CAVAVIN was created in 1985 by Michel Bourel in La Baule with the opening of a first wine cellar and the association with other wine merchants. CAVAVIN was franchised in 1996.

For more than 35 years, CAVAVIN has been a partner in the selection of wines and spirits of more than 200 winemakers.

The 2000 references available are mostly authentic and exclusive products at very good value for money thanks to the strong partnership in place with our winegrowers.

More than 150 wines and spirits are organic and the number is growing every year.

The first CAVAVIN was opened in Ireland on July 1st 2022

Cavavin Ireland

Like many people, the experience of the Covid 19 pandemic brought Loman around to the idea that after 33 years working in the sports industry it might be time for a change. While sport remains his great passion he decided that he would like to pursue another of his A chance meeting with Louise led to the idea that there was an opening for a wine retailer who brought something a little different to what was currently on offer in Ireland. Having originally qualified as a speech and language therapist Louise had decided that her love of wine was where her future lay.
Louise had been working in the wine industry in the USA and had returned to Ireland to take up a role as a sommelier in Ashford Castle. After exploring a number of different ideas they hit upon the Cavavin concept, it was the stand out option for many reasons, a family run business dealing with over 300 winegrowers seemed to fit the gap in the market that they were looking to fill.

Loman and Donal had worked together in their previous roles for over 10 years and felt that they had the commercial knowledge and skills to bring the project to life. A trip to La Baule to meet the Cavavin team and visit some of the small local producers sealed the deal.