It’s October, the days are getting shorter, summer is in the rearview mirror, the kids are back to school and “the routine” is back. At Cavavin, we have lots of Special Selections for you to choose from that will help ease you back into routine. 

We’ve chosen a selection of wines that we feel will cater to this in-between-season, where we still crave lighter whites but want to transition to “winter reds”. Of course, there is no set wine for this season and there are so many wines to choose from these days that you can really drink whatever you like. However, if you are feeling adventurous and want to try something different have a look at our selections in-store or shop online. Find your style and explore and discover a wine or two that allows you to be taken on an adventure out of your routine for an evening. 

Before we reveal our selections, Louise has answered some questions for you to help make your shopping experience a little easier. 

I always drink white wine, but I’d like to try some reds. Where do I begin? There’s just so many to choose from!

Our wines are laid out by style according to taste and body. Delicate and fruity in my opinion, is a good style to explore if you typically don’t try reds. The wines here are lighter, fruitier, have less tannin (this can make a wine feel bitter) and will be a similar experience to lighter whites. The main grapes of these wines are Pinot Noir or Gamay or light Italian wines like Valpolicella. They can be enjoyed with or without food, that is the real beauty of this style of wine. 

My choice of red wine is a Malbec, but I’d like to try something new. Is there something similar? The labels can be confusing, and I can’t tell if it’s a Malbec or not. 

We have many different styles of Malbec to choose from across our red styles of Smooth & Juicy and Dark & Complex. In France, labelling laws are by region or appellation instead of grape variety like in Argentina so it can be confusing until you get to know a region you like. Cahors in South-west France was the original home of Malbec before it migrated and settled in Argentina. So, if you look for Cahors on the label you will be drinking the same grape variety, but the style and taste is slightly different. It will be a little more savoury and perhaps more acidic than Argentina, but it will be similar in body and will have spicy oak flavours with some dark fruits. I have selected a Cahors Malbec this month so why not give it a try and see what you think.

Château Coustarelle Prestige Cahors 2018

I’ve been drinking whites all summer. How do I prepare for “red wine” season?

If you still wish to drink whites that is no problem as whites are just as food friendly as reds. This time of year, dishes are usually a bit richer in flavour and style e.g. stews so richer fuller red blends with Grenache or Syrah spring to mind. But rules are also made to be broken and having a textured white like our Grand Braquet Sauvignon Gris with some grilled meats or a steak can be quite the experience and could become the new wine of choice! I suggest trying a mix of red blends. We have selected some red trios that are the perfect way to try some different reds. By the time winter comes you’ll know exactly what your “go-to” red wine will be. 

I enjoy a couple of glasses of wine but never finish the bottle, especially this time of year. Any tips to avoid waste?

Typically, you can get 1-2 days out of a white wine after opening and up to 3 days out of a red after opening. The wine may not taste as fruity than when you first opened it, but it will hold up well. However, if you just can’t finish it my suggestion is to freeze any remaining wine (red or white) in an ice-cube tray or bag and use again in risottos or meat ragù or pasta sauces. Wine really enhances the flavour of tomato and meat dishes. Here are some links to Cavavin recipes with wine to help reduce waste. Happy cooking!


Three of my selections are featured below. There are five in total to choose from in-store. Stay tuned as there may be something “Spookingly Spectacular” about these wines next month! 

#1 Château de Mauves Graves 2016

“A wine of remarkable value for money and so ready to drink. A beautiful vintage that is revealed in every drop. Graves is an appellation in Bordeaux that’s known for its cabernet sauvignon dominant blends, and this is no different with a % of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. A warm, powerful and round wine with a beautiful purple colour, hints of violet, blackcurrants and balanced yet structured tannins. The perfect accompaniment to red meats, cheeses and chocolate fondant!” 

#2 Les Canthares Côtes de Bourg 2018

“An exclusive label for Cavavin, this is a wine you won’t be able to put down! A Bordeaux blend where Malbec and Merlot dominate. This may be a less talked about area of Bordeaux but by no means is it inferior in quality. A wine from our Warm & Velvety style, this is powerfully warming and bursting with a beautiful mix of flavours of cocoa, mature red fruits and hints of warming sweet spice with velvety tannins. One to stock up on!”

#3 Domaine les Raynieres Saumur Blanc 2021

“A light and refreshing Chenin Blanc that will brighten these darker evenings. Chenin Blanc is a grape not talked about enough in my opinion. It is hugely versatile, very food friendly and comes in lots of styles from bone dry, sweeter or sparkling. This wine is from a family-owned winery in Saumur-Champigny in the Loire Valley. The winery began in 1840 and is today operated by 6th generation Sylvain Rebeilleau. It is a Crisp & Zesty style that is subtly fragranced with white florals, green apple, pear drop and balanced with bright acidity that gives a refreshing finish. One to sip or enjoy with fish or poultry starters or main dishes.”

October 05, 2022 — Louise O'Brien