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What is the best wine?

There will always be personal preferences and there is no right or wrong answer.

The best wine is the one you enjoy the most.

We recommend trying to find the style you like and try out some wines in these styles until you discover the wines you like the best.

What’s a wine blend?

Blending wine is a process when winemakers mix different varieties of grapes together to make in some instances a more complex and complete wine that a single varietal wine.

The most popular red wine blend is the Bordeaux Blend which uses Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot as the base ingredient along with Cabernet Franc or Malbec.

We have many variations of red and white blends at Cavavin and in many styles which gives you a great opportunity to discover your favourites.

What’s the best way to serve the wines I buy?

Full-bodied reds typically need decanting or opening an hour or two before drinking. Most reds are best at room temperature. Some lighter reds can be lightly chilled. 

White wine should be chilled. The exact temperature is your preference. Lighter whites are best at 7-10 degrees, fuller oaky whites are best at 10-13 degrees and Champagne/sparkling should be well chilled at 6-10 degrees. 

How should I store the wines I buy?

If you’re not planning to drink them all straight away!

Then, we suggest storing away from direct light and away from a heat source e.g. radiator, a fire or any appliances.

Humidity is ideal and a temperature of 12-16 degrees.

Wines should be lying down and in contact with the cork if possible to prevent oxidation. 

How many bottles should I buy for a party?

Remember, one 750ml bottle pours about 5 glasses of wine. So, it all depends on your party size and how thirsty they are!

If you intend to start with bubbles I’d suggest a Magnum bottle (1500ml) as this will serve 10 glasses. Magnums in general are great for parties.

More wine, less waste! 

What are the most important things to consider when pairing wine with food?

Again, this will come down to personal preference but there are some general guidelines when it comes to pairing food with specific varieties of wine.

The main guideline are that the food needs to match the wine in flavour intensity.

Red wines generally pair well with bold flavours and meats, while most white wines go with lighter meats such as chicken or fish.

Rosé also goes great with lighter meats - a dry Rosé is very food friendly all year round and a great go-to when in doubt.

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