My most asked question is ‘What’s your favourite wine?’ Why do people ask this? Because all of Cavavin Ireland wines online and instore are categorised by style and taste.

So, when people ask this question it’s either to a)replicate my style, b)for guidance, c)for conversation or d)to figure out their style.

It’s also, to be honest, because the Cavavin Ireland team have tasted 75% of the wines and the experts in Cavavin France have been exploring and discovering these small artisan vineyards from around the world for the last 35 years. This has informed and helped us confidently categorise the remainder.

So, if it's flavour you’re after then we have a fair idea. My favourite wine varies with mood, setting, food and so on. I could be here all day telling you about my favourite wine(s) but that’s not what this blog is about. 

What influences your wine style and wine choice? Is it your mood? A favourite meal or recipe? A chance encounter? Reliving a favourite holiday or special moment? Let the team at Cavavin help you discover your wine style. If you have any questions or wish to share your favourite wine styles email

For those of you who don’t know the wine styles or have yet to visit the shop or shop the website here is a quick summary.

Red Wines

  • Delicate & Fruity
  • Smooth & Juicy
  • Dark & Complex
  • Warm & Velvety

The reds run on a scale from light and delicate flavours with lower alcohol to more medium everyday reds to darker fruits and spicier styles with fuller body and higher alcohol. The majority of the wine styles possess incredible flavour due to the small nature of their production, the quality of grapes and the exquisite art of varietal blending. This is the major difference to your more conventional brands. The shelves or website may not be lined with recognisable brands but the flavour and quality is guaranteed thanks to years of expertise, 

So, if you like a dark, full-boded Tempranillo or Malbec you’ll most likely spend your time exploring Dark & Complex styles but spare a thought for the unpronounceable French blend sitting next to your favourite red as this will likely bring more joy to your glass and hopefully will begin the voyage of discovery. 

White Wines

  • Crisp & Zesty
  • Explosive & Fruity
  • Full & Flavoursome

The white's are on a similar scale where Crisp & Zesty refers to a very dry and refreshing white with hints of citrus and little fruitiness compared to its neighbouring style that has Explosive acidity and bursts of fruitiness and finally to its more Fuller, oak-aged neighbour that’s layered with complexity such as Burgundy Chardonnay or warmer riper whites. 

If you like a crisp, dry white, in general, all of the whites will satisfy as none are made in the sweet style but a crisp Sauvignon Blanc will be found either in Crisp & Zesty or Explosive & Fruity (if from New Zealand) but do spare a thought for the French unpronounceable blend sitting beside your favourite Sauvignon as it’s likely going to bring even more joy to your tastebuds.

Wine styles and flavours vary quite dramatically with grape variety, place, winemaking and so on. More importantly, each person tastes differently and taste sensitivities vary from person to person. Theoretically, the wine styles are sparkling, white wine (light bodied, medium bodied, aromatic), red wine (light bodied, medium bodied, full bodied), rosé, fortified wines (port) and dessert wine.

We cater for all styles at Cavavin and have matched our fun terms accordingly. What defines the style is typically grape variety or blend which gives the wine colour, tannin, aromas and flavours, viscosity and alcohol which gives the wines weight, mouthfeel and flavour, and, the refreshing acidity. Country and regions are equally as important in defining style and flavour. 

So, next time you’re shopping for wine, stop by or visit our website and explore, discover, and taste some lip-smackingly delicious wines. You may be surprised to see your favourite Argentinian Malbec or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc sitting proudly beside an unpronounceable, unrecognisable European blend. Guaranteed the latter will transport you to the beach or an idyllic Chateau in a vineyard or will make your meal or night-in “pop”, sip by sip! 

March 13, 2023 — Louise O'Brien