The New Year is a time for reflection. As a new business we look back on how Cavavin Ireland’s first 6 months have been.

It all started on July 1st 2022 when an “Aladdin’s Cave” of new wines from France and other great wine regions of the world opened its doors at 2, Cross St Upper, Galway. Galwegians had no idea what “joy this [cave] would bring” to the community. A new concept of shopping, wines, expertise and fun was laid out before them.

So, what has Cavavin Ireland brought to Galway and Ireland in the last 6 months, I hear you say?

Firstly, all the team at Cavavin wishes to thank all of our friends/family, fellow businesses/neighbours in the Latin Quarter and most importantly you our new friends and customers for your business and support. We welcome you all and hope that we have brought joy to your shopping experience and of course to your wine glass! Thank you and we look forward to your continued support and business for many years to come.

The shopping experience is quite unique as it categorises our range of wines by style and taste. The categories are a great point of difference for us and encourages a sense of exploration and discovery but also fun while you shop for your wine. You have all been positively intrigued by it and the concept and labels have been a great source of conversation. We hope that you continue to find them intriguing, and share the concept with your friends over a glass of wine. The aim is that they will continue to encourage you, but also our team, to explore and discover new wines for all of you to enjoy.

With all new things, performance reviews are essential! So, which style and wines have you all explored and discovered the most? Drum roll … please …
#1: Dark & Complex reds
The most popular red here was Chateau Coustarelle Cahors Classic a.k.a really good Malbec!

Closely followed by #2: Smooth & Juicy reds
The most popular red here was La Loubiere Bordeaux a.k.a The Wolf wine

#3: Crisp & Zesty whites
The most popular white here was J. Mourat O.V.N.I. a.k.a a really good Sauvignon blanc/Chardonnay blend from the Loire Valley 

Last but not least the beloved M de Minuty rosé - a vibrant reminder of all things summer!

The wine that sold out the quickest was Bollinger Special Cuvée Champagne. We commend your very good taste!

We always love hearing your feedback on the wines, the shop layout, the staff, service and so on so we thought we’d share some with you.
“Great choice of wines and excellent service”
“Great advice and service from a very knowledgeable team”
“Wines for every occasion - superb selection of wines in-store and online for every budget”
“Exceeded expectations - excellent communication, delivery, and presentation of product”
“Fantastic evening at the Wine Tasting - fun and educational all in one. I’ll definitely return”

January is a quiet time for a number of reasons - Dry January and the Christmas Hangover to name a few … but we have been busy “Spring Cleaning” the wine shop and cellar to make room for new styles of wines coming soon to the shelves. Spring Sale begins soon but we have to let Love takeover first! We have the Perfect Pair of gift ideas for the season of love so be sure to check them out.

We are so grateful and enthused by the first 6 months of Cavavin Ireland and we are excited for the next 6 months and beyond. 2023 will see the opening of a new Flagship store in Limerick city, more tasting nights here in Galway and in Limerick, lots of new wines for you all to explore and discover, new Best Cellars and so much more.

February 23, 2023 — Louise O'Brien