Easter, a time of celebration and getting together with family and friends over a good meal and with good wines [from Cavavin] of course! 

There can be a lot of food to prepare and dishes to think about so that’s why Wine Expert Louise O'Brien has thankfully done all the hard work for you when it comes to choosing the perfect Easter wines. 

Before we even get to the food, Cavavin has The Perfect Easter Four [wines] for you to take home, or that can be delivered, that will complement all dishes of your choice and liking. 

Poirier Methode Traditionnelle Brut - at Easter and Christmas it’s perfectly acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast and what more than to pair that “snap” of your favourite chocolate egg with a “pop” of deliciously dry Crémant bubbles that will dance in your glass all day until the very last sip. 

  1. Mourat Collection White 2022 - the perfect white for those lighter starters or afternoon snacks or the perfect glass to hand over to that impatient “thirsty” guest or for those whose preference is for a crisp dry white all day. This Chardonnay/Chenin Blanc blend will charm all of your guests, even those who don’t like whites. This one is hard to resist. 

Philippe Meslet Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil 2022 - a lighter and fruitier red that will complement your Easter starters or that afternoon snack and will also stand up to your roasted meats of choice. This Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley is delicately fruited with a natural spice that will charm all of your guests. 

Domaine Lafond Roc-Épine Lirac 2021 - the showstopper to complement your showstopping and mouth-watering main course whatever it may be. This versatile Grenache/Syrah/Mourvedre (GSM) blend from the Village Lirac neighbouring Chateauneuf-du-Pape in the Rhone Valley is one to savour and enjoy and should take pride of place on all Easter tables this year. 

Before I indulge you all in the mouth-watering feast that is Easter lunch/dinner, a general note for when choosing your Easter wines is that, generally, red wine pairs best with lamb, especially one that is more robust and full-bodied like a Bordeaux, Rioja or Rhone Valley red but your preference is always the best guide especially if you will be having white wine guests/visitors or vegetarian main courses. Be sure to look at your meal as a whole and pay attention to the sides and trimmings as these can influence the wine choices just as much as the main meats.

Easter happens in Spring and that means one thing - spring lamb is likely being served! Before thinking about your wines to pair with this delicious meat you need to decide how you will be serving your lamb as this will influence your wine choice.

If you are in doubt of how to best serve your lamb of choice, Cavavin has paired up with Michelin trained chef Alan Cahill who has an entire Easter Main Course Recipe for you so  as to take the hassle out of frantically scrolling for that perfect recipe if you are hosting this year's Easter meal.

If the lamb is a rack, a roasted leg of lamb or just simply a lamb roast, there are a wide variety of reds that will perfectly complement your meat of choice. Any of the following wines from our Easter Collection will pair deliciously with the meat and will complement any of the traditional sides also. 

From Bordeaux:


From the Rhone Valley:


From Spain:  


If your lamb of choice is Young Spring Lamb, then because of the more delicate flavours and it likely being served slightly pink then a lighter more delicate red is suggested as a richer more complex red may overpower the meat.

My suggestion would be Philippe Meslet Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil 2022 or a Pinot Noir such as Joseph Grégoire Lieubeau Pinot Noir 2022 from the Loire Valley. These wine suggestions are elevated even more with a side of Spring Greens

Thankfully chef Alan Cahill has you covered here again with a delicious buttery green cabbage dish. 

If your preference is for a smaller cut of meat such as lamb chops or cutlets with a side of roasted vegetables, for example, then my wine suggestion would be, of course

Domaine Lafond Roc-Épine Lirac 2021 or Cuvée Princes d’Orange Côtes Du Rhône VV 2022. Trust me, neither will disappoint. 

If red wine really isn’t your thing, then don’t worry, white wine will pair nicely also with your lamb dish of choice. Just be sure that it’s more full and flavoursome such as Domaine Lafond Roc-Épine Lirac blanc 2022 or a Domaine Renaud Pouilly-Fuissé 2022. Try to avoid sharp, higher acid, more crisp whites such as Sauvignon Blanc.  

Easter isn’t all about lamb, however, and there are plenty of other main meal options such as a baked ham. This dish can be rich and salty with perhaps a sweet sticky glaze. You can pair this nicely with either reds or whites as it's quite a versatile meat. 

Examples of reds:


Examples of whites:


Another popular meal is Salmon - be it smoked, poached or roasted; my wine suggestion is for a full-bodied white, a dry crisp rosé or a lighter more fruity red so as to cut through the oiliness of the fish.

For a Smoked Salmon starter my suggestion is Costa al Sole Inzolia 2021 or J. Mourat O.V.N.I. 2022 Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay blend. You want a wine that is fresh with good acidity and either of these are just that!

If roast/baked salmon is your thing then my wine suggestion would be an oaked or more full-bodied Chardonnay such as Domaine Pascal Renaud Pouilly-Fuissé 2022 Chardonnay or Domaine Lafond Roc-Épine Lirac Blanc 2022, a viognier blend that is a true delight.

If your preference is for red wine, then absolutely go for it! It’s your preference and your meal after all! If you can, try choosing a red that is a little lighter and more medium-bodied such as Chateau de Pizay Morgon 2022 or Cuvée des Princes d’Orange Côtes du Rhône VV 2022.

If at the end of this delicious celebratory meal you still have room for more chocolate and there are plans for a chocolate dessert then my wine pairing suggestion would be a full-bodied red such as Tamaral Tempranillo 2022, Volpi Barbera Superiore La Zerba Colli Tortonesi DOC 2021 or Bottega Ripasso Valpolicella Superiore DOC 2019.

If your preference is for a white wine, your choices are a little more limited to one exceptional style, but a style that in my opinion is always welcomed and couldn’t be in a better place than at the end of this celebratory meal. That wine is Champagne - Champagne Cyrus Brut or Mailly Grand Cru Réserve Brut or the sublime Louis de Grenelle Saumur Grande Cuvée Brut.

If on the day after Easter you wake up with the fear of what to do with the pile of eggs that are leftover then be sure to check out Chef Alan Cahil’s tips on how to use it all up and waste not, want not. I (Wine Expert  Louise O'Brien) have also shared some wine tips for these leftover chocolate tips.

Happy Easter!

March 26, 2024 — Louise O'Brien