It wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate! 
Thankfully, wine and chocolate make for a perfect pairing. But, like any wine pairing it’s not quite as simple as just grabbing any glass of wine and cracking open that delicious chocolate egg. There are a few formalities we need to go through first before we get there!
Did you know that the process of making chocolate is very similar to wine? Cocoa beans can be fermented in different ways but one method is using similar yeasts to wine fermentation. Just like wine, the more you ferment the beans, the richer chocolate flavours will be. 
Why do wine and chocolate go so well together? Because the complexity and richness of the wine can perfectly complement the richness and creaminess of the chocolate. 
When choosing your wine for your Easter chocolate try choosing a wine that's slightly sweeter than your chosen chocolate egg and a wine that is similar in intensity of flavours. 
Like wine, there are three main styles/types of chocolate. Dark, milk and white. But let’s not forget the snap - the sound chocolate makes when broken - that crisp snap adds to the taste experience just like that “pop” of the cork on opening a bottle, or that glug of wine as it hits the glass. 
Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate consists of complex and intense flavours that complement bold, dark and complex reds. Choose a wine that’s slightly sweeter than your chosen chocolate and that has a similar intensity of flavour. 
 Milk Chocolate
Milk chocolate is a delicious indulgence when paired with wine. Given the creamy texture and that there's more sweetness than with dark chocolate; lighter, more fruity wines are best. You don’t want the wine to be too dry when having it with your chosen chocolate. 
 White Chocolate
As we all know, white chocolate isn't really chocolate as it's mostly cocoa butter making it intensely creamy and sweet. For me, this pairing calls for a wine that’s not overpowering and that has high acidity to complement the rich creamy flavours. I’m thinking,  J. Mourat O.V.N.I. Rosé or a Champagne or Sparkling wine - Mailly Grand Cru Brut Réserve or Poirier Méthode Traditionnelle Brut.
 To finish, that all important question! …What wine to have with a Cadbury creme egg? Château Pizay Morgon without a doubt. This wine is deep purple and surprisingly rich with red and black fruits. This wine is the meal with this combination and the creme egg is the sweet delight. 
March 21, 2024 — Louise O'Brien