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This week Cavavin celebrates being open for 6 months in Limerick - you’ve been such a Lady in welcoming us to your city and 18 months in Galway - we have acquired a very adoring Tribe that keeps growing and growing.
Wine Milestones
Limerick and Galway have some differing tastes and some common tastes for wine, but you all know what wines you like, that’s for sure!
Top selling wines in Galway:
1st place:
Champagne: Cyrus Champagne
2nd place:
Galway’s milestone grapes are: Merlot, Grenache, Sauvignon Blanc
Top selling wines in Limerick:
1st place:
2nd place:
Limerick’s milestone grapes are: Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Grenache.
Despite your differences in grapes and wines, there is a common winemaker, however, that is loved in both shops - J. Mourat Vineyards
Besides loving the same winemaker there is, in fact, a common denominator in wine that we all need to raise a glass to … there’s a clue there …
over 1000 bottles sold online and instore
Cavavin Ireland couldn’t agree more with your choice of sparkles! Crémant really is the best sparkling wine.
Limerick has set some new milestones upstairs at the Wine Bar. On social media, the opening night/big reveal reel of Limerick’s newest winebar received our highest number of impressions and was your favourite piece of content to date.
The bar has poured over 1500 glasses of wine since opening.
The city’s favourite grapes are
Whiskey milestones
Before we talk numbers can we just remind you that we have introduced the largest and most exclusive range of Japanese and International whiskies to Ireland. Names and brands not yet known widely in Ireland, but that have been setting trends and turning heads globally with whisky connoisseurs - [Japanese Whiskeys
But, that being said, we are always #proudtobeirish and love to #supportlocal and it shows in the numbers.
1st place: Micil Earl’s Island Single Pot Still whiskey - Galway
2nd place: Foxes Bow Irish Whiskey - Limerick
3rd place: Sailor’s Home - Limerick
Cavavin is proud to promote artisan local Irish whiskies and we will continue to grow this exceptional range of local whiskies.
We have to mention our first whiskey tasting experience that took place in November and was a roaring success. The echoes of the evening and potent aromas can still be felt in the walls of the bar! Be sure to catch our first tasting of 2024 on March 30th - book here.
Beer Milestones
Again, we’re #proudtobeirish and love to #supportlocal and it shows in the numbers.
1st place: Zingibeer - Smithfield, Dublin
2nd place: Treaty City Brewery - Limerick city
Events Milestones
Both Galway and Limerick have something in common here - you all love to get together, experience good wine, and have a good night out. We had a record number of SOLD OUT events at both shops this year. We sold over 500 tickets between Galway and Limerick.
The cacophony of laughter, clinking of glasses, is infectious on these nights. Don’t miss out, be a part of it in 2024. [2024 Events]
Gifts and Deliveries
Cavavin has reached so many more homes and our wines and spirits have been poured in so many more glasses far beyond Galway and Limerick thanks to our 5* gifting and delivery service.
Over 1500 gifts were purchased and delivered - Our returns department has been made redundant!
            Over 250 Local Deliveries were made across Galway and
            Over 100 Local Deliveries were made across Limerick
The Sheridan Show
No wine show is complete without cheese. The cheese that melted everyone’s heart was …
            Smoked Gubbeen
You all loved the Sheridan’s Show reel and competition we posted about on Instagram. It was one of your top content moments!
Over 500 cheese boards were freshly prepared by our cheese specialist for you all to enjoy either at the bar or at home.
There is no doubting Limerick’s LOVE for all things cheese. So next time you stop by to pick up the best selling Smoked Gubbeen, Louise suggests trying it with a glass of Primitivo. It’s a match made in heaven!
Q: Who is the cracker to my cheese?
A: Tim’s Table Lavosh crackers from Limerick of course! Over 150 of these were sold in both Limerick and Galway.
No cheese and cracker is complete without chutney and you all know that too well. We love Filligan’s here at Cavavin; over 500 jars of Filligan’s award-winning and handmade artisan jams and chutneys from Donegal were sold in both Limerick and Galway. 
To finish, Limerick is nuts about nuts - Sheridan’s Valencia almonds to be specific. Boxes upon boxes of these were sold. And with all salty treats must follow sweet delights … Munster’s Dessert First tray bakes and scones make for the perfect pick me up or afternoon treat.
Every show has a backstage team that keeps the show on the road. As a small business, our backstage team is the same as our Front of House team but so many hours and milestones continue to be set here thanks to you.
We signed up over 1200 new subscribers (that we know of!)
We reached over 2k followers on Instagram
and 179 reviews came from you on Trustpilot (4.8 Rating - 96% 5 Star)
And we had a few VIP’s visit and tag us on social media
What has fuelled this great journey I hear you ask? Where has all this energy come from?
… Eleven14 coffee from Munster legend Keith Earls (of course!)
Over 4500 cups have been enjoyed
With the biscuit of choice being a Tunnock Tea Cake!
An additional 360+ coffees fuelled our lovely, bubbly, and energetic staff so that they're always energised to greet and serve you.
If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting our team yet you can read all about them here [Meet the Team – Cavavin Ireland]



Thank you for embarking on this journey with us! We are excited for the year ahead as we roll out more events, add new products and producers, new wines and spirits, and train up our team to become next level wine experts and begin another journey in wine.


February 15, 2024 — Louise O'Brien