Whether you say Bubbles, Fizz, Champers, Champagne, Crémant, Cava, Prosecco, or Frizzante, it’s a non-negotiable that we all need a little pop of something during these inbetween days. At Cavavin, the bubbles are both Rich & Elegant in style so there’s definitely one here for you. Whether it’s something you just want to say “cheers!” with, or something to gift, or to pair with all the leftovers then I would suggest you explore our Elegant selection of Crémants. Crémant is the sparkling wine of France outside of Champagne. The wine is made in the traditional method (the same method that makes Champagne) and the bubbles delightfully “dance in your glass”. The wine is dry, with subtle fruits of pear and citrus and a delightful mousse on the finish. It will delight any occasion and will save you a few euro or two:


If you have your heart set on Champagne, then Cavavin has a selection of irresistible styles that are of exceptional quality and value. From Brut, to Blanc de Blancs to Vintage  - Champagne really is the gift or toast that keeps giving (until the last drop is poured) and will give all of your guests something to talk about and remember this season.




If you do decide to commit to that bottle of Champagne. Here are a few tip[ples] to make your purchase even more worthwhile and memorable this Twixmas season and for the NY countdown.

 How to open a bottle of Champagne/bubbles

There is considerable pressure in a bottle of sparkling wine. Chilling to the correct temperature helps to reduce this. Even when the wine is chilled, it’s possible for the cork to spring out and injure someone.

    • Remove the foil and loosen the wire cage.
    • The cork must be held securely in place from the moment the wire cage is loosened.
    • Tilt the bottle at about a 30 degree angle, grip the cork with one hand and with the other hand grip the base of the bottle.
    • Turn or twist the bottle, not the cork.
    • Hold the cork steady, resisting its tendency to fly out, and ease it slowly out of the bottle.
    • The gas pressure should release with a quiet ‘phut’ and not an explosion of spray and flying corks! 
  1. If you don’t finish your bottle of bubbles in one sitting, the secret to keeping the bubbles in … is to invest in a good quality sparkling wine stopper and keep the bubbles chilled of course. 
  1. 3. A 750ml bottle of Champagne serves (on average) 5 glasses. However, everyone’s pour size varies! Everyone always wants a second glass so why not grab a Magnum of Champagne instead?! A Magnum is a 1500ml bottle of wine and comfortably pours 10 glasses. It is the perfect showstopper and all those that you’re toasting are guaranteed a glass of bubbles. 

To conclude this celebratory piece, I will now reveal to you all, Cavavin’s most favoured and best-selling Champagne and bubbles of 2023 …. So, if you want to be on trend this NYE and unite with all fellow Cavavin customers and their preferred tipple then either of these is what needs to be in your glass as we welcome in 2024. 

#1 Poirier Methode Traditionelle Brut

#2 Veuve Clicquot “Réserve Cuvée” Brut NV

“Cheers!” and Happy 2024.

December 28, 2023 — Louise O'Brien