Fall in love with Cavavin’s Autumnal Reds

As the leaves change, the days get darker and the weather colder it’s time to admit Autumn is here. So let’s embrace the magic and mystery of this season with a glass or two of exquisite wines from Cavavin.
Wine expert Louise is about to take you on a journey across all styles of wines from Delicate and Fruity to Warm and Velvety and all that lies in between. These wines will charm, enchant, and may create some mysteries of their own as they swirl and brew in your glass. It is Hallowine after all! Autumn is a time to embrace the heavier reds and the timeless classics as we start to enjoy the comforting and earthy dishes that begin to grace our dinner tables like stews, roasted meats, and root vegetables, mushroom risottos and so on.
If you don’t want to enjoy the wines with food and just want something to cosy up with by the fire then don’t worry, these wines will also transport you to the enchanting and mysterious world of Autumn and leave you with a cosy and warm feeling given their complexity, robust flavours, tantalising charm, and lingering finish.
A beautifully delicate, light and versatile red to start the Autumn season/evening/occasion with. It hails from the Beaujolais region in France but has now migrated all over the world. It can give light and crisp red fruit flavours with bright acidity and a juicy finish or can give a little more robust charm and warming spice if from one of the single Cru villages of Beaujolais e.g. Morgon. These wines are so versatile when it comes to complementing food and are a delight with mushroom dishes and most earthy Autumnal foods.
These timeless classic blends are hard to compete with this season. The Rhone Valley and Languedoc regions in France and warmer regions of Spain produce some excellent examples of these blends and at Cavavin we’re delighted to have such fantastic selections to offer you across both Smooth & Juicy and Warm & Velvety styles. These wines will charm and delight any Autumnal occasion to the very last drop. Grenache is a lovely fruity, soft red wine with robust depth, Syrah lifts the blend and adds hints of spice and sustained acidity and Mourvedre gives the wine a rich, meaty texture that makes these wines so moreish.
Malbec as we all know is a firm favourite and just rolls off the tongue for so many! At Cavavin we like to treat not trick and create a sense of mystery with our Malbec range. They hail from the region of Cahors in France where they’re known as the black wine and the OG malbec of course. These wines are Dark and Complex with lasting rich purple fruit flavours and hints of warming spice. They will enchant any Autumnal occasion and pair exquisitely with grilled meats seasoned with herbs and spices.
Merlot hails from regions all over the world and is another grape that just rolls off the tongue. However, at Cavavin, we just love to embrace this season of timeless classics and can’t help but to let you embrace and fall in love with the region of Bordeaux, Saint-Émilion itself and its surrounding satellite villages that will surprise and delight you with their affordability and outstanding quality. And for that special cosy night in, we can't forget the esteemed Pomerol. One that is not frightfully expensive either!
We take a detour from France to embrace another and final timeless classic from Valpolicella in Italy. Ripasso is Amarone’s little brother and although little in name it is by no means little in personality. It will charm and tantalise your tastebuds with its complexity, smooth tannins and pure velvety warmth. What is the mystery to this wine? How can it have all that charm in one glass? It’s all down to the winemaking method Ripasso where the valpolicella wine re-ferments as it passes through the skins of Amarone and it treats the Valpolicella to all its beautiful characteristics. A wine for all the enchanting occasions this season has to offer. Bottega also are renowned for their Italian wines and quality of fruit so that expertise also helps.
Whatever you’re doing this Autumn make sure you elevate your experience, tantalise your tastebuds and SPOIL YOURSELF with a wine for every Autumn occasion from Cavavin Ireland!
October 19, 2023 — Louise O'Brien